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Tuff Karts Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tuff Karts has consistently held a high standard of quality for both products and service, ensuring you find the perfect service cart specific to your needs. The Tuff Karts Limited Lifetime Warranty represents a dedication to your complete satisfaction, ensuring a lifetime of professional use when you need it most.

Thank you for purchasing a Tuff Karts product. Dedication to quality and innovation, united with our strong commitment to provide customer peace-of-mind, form the foundation of this exclusive Tuff Karts warranty program. We are committed to manufacturing the finest products and we strive to earn your pride of ownership. Tuff Karts assures you that we support our products with the same integrity and fairness that has always been a vital part of the Tuff Karts reputation. Our products are the result of dedication to craftsmanship, performance and accuracy.

For customers participating in our Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) program, Tuff Karts will warrant all of our products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product. Registration is required, and certain restrictions apply.

Remember to register your Tuff Karts product by filling out the form below to activate your warranty. By taking just a few minutes to register, you can improve your experience with Tuff Karts. Enjoy more efficient support, product support alerts, and more.

To help maximize your experience, Tuff Karts support team has provided the following guidelines to ensure your questions are answered in a consistent, timely manner.

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